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Click Here for the March 20, 2019 Agenda

Click Here for the March 6, 2019 Agenda

Click Here for the February 20, 2019 Agenda

Click Here for the February 6, 2019 Agenda

Click Here  for the January 16,  2019 Agenda

Click Here for the January 2, 2019 Agenda






Agenda 1/3/2017 /image/cache/Agenda_01032018.pdf

Agenda 1/17/18  /image/cache/Agenda_01172018.pdf

Agenda 2/7/18  /image/cache/Agenda_02072018.pdf

Agenda 2/21/18 /image/cache/20180216133347627.pdf

Agenda 3/7/18 /image/cache/20180302152528456.pdf

Agenda 3/21/18 /image/cache/20180316102950894.pdf

Agenda 4/4/18 /image/cache/20180329125005457.pdf

Agenda 4/18/18 /image/cache/20180416082924331.pdf

Agenda 5/2/18 /image/cache/Agenda_05022018.pdf --POSTPONED UNTIL 5/7/18

Agenda 5/7/18 Click Here for the May 7th Agenda

Agenda 5/16/18 Click Here for the Amended May 16th Agenda

Agenda 6/20/18  Click Here for the Amended June 20th Agenda

Agenda 7/9/18  Click Here for the July 9th Agenda

Agenda 7/18/18 Click Here for the July 18th Agenda

Agenda 8/8/18 Click Here for the August 8th Special Meeting Agenda

Agenda 8/15/18 Click Here for the August 15th Agenda

Agenda 9/05/18 Click Here for the September 5th Agenda

Agenda 9/19/18 Click Here for the September 19th Agenda

Agenda 10/03/18  Click Here for the October 3rd Agenda

Agenda 11/08/18 Click Here for the November 8th Agenda

Agenda 11/21/18 Click Here for the November 21st Agenda

Agenda 12/5/18 Click Here for the December 5th Agenda

Agenda 12/19/18 Click Here for the December 19th Agenda


Meeting Schedule
The commission meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 AM CT.  Special meetings are scheduled as needed.
If you wish to appear before the Commissioners please contact the Auditor's Office at 745-3292 by noon of the Friday preceding the meeting.