Most recently approved County Commission Minutes


Mercer County Commission


September 18, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman Duane Scheurer with the meeting being videotaped. Present were Commissioners Wes Gunsch, Gary Murray, Wayne Entze, Dwight Berger, State’s Attorney Binder and Auditor Shana Brost. Others present during portions of the meeting were: Ken Miller, Elroy Opp, Mary Boyd, Brad Gunsch, and Dan Ahrens of BHG News.

  1. moved to approve the agenda. Entze seconded. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Murray moved to approve the minutes from the September 6th meeting. Entze seconded. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Gunsch moved to approve the bills, excluding the Treasurer’s bills and Tyler Technologies. Murray seconded. The following vouchers were approved for payment: Advanced Business Methods, $126.36; James Alexander, $25.00; American Welding, $132.47; Craig Askim, $173.50; Dwight Berger, $74.30; Bergstrom Electric, $316.00; Beulah Lumber, $58.13; Bloom’n House, $85.00; BCBS, $61990.48; Shana Brost, $378.24; Burleigh-Morton Detention Center, $3675.00; Butler Machinery, $5526.13; City of Beulah, $180.64; City of Golden Valley, $34.54; City of Stanton, $8348.23; Corner Express, $30.10; D & E Supply, $391.53; D’Andreas, $170.31; Dakota Central Social Services, $69032.78; Direct Med, $212.45; Eide Ford, $740.67; Electronic Communication, $125.00; Fireside Office, $65.97; Flash Printing, $300.22; Golden Valley Rural Fire, $564.89; Weslie Gunsch, $168.48; Hazen Drug, $149.71; Hazen Hardware Hank, $117.93; Houston Engineering, $17105.66; ITD, $896.20; J & L Automotive, $142.95; KLJ, $1300.00; Dena Kemmet, $149.64; Klein McCarthy, $16155.97; Krause’s, $549.58; Lake Sakakawea State Park, $679.25; Language Line Service, $90.01; Matthew Bender, $192.02; Mathew Bender, $794.07; Mclean County Sheriff, $8325.00; Menards, $173.96; Midco, $237.51; Midwest Doors, $221.25; Minnesota Valley Testing, $2747.50; Gary Murray, $171.50; Napa, $651.42; NDACO 911, $929.93; Office of the Attorney General, $2660.00; IAAI, $170.00; NDSU Extension Service, $22715.00; Neuberger Oil Co, $1785.02; Northern Plains Inn, $720.00; Office Depot, $63.35; Dennis Olheiser, $45.00; Pam Pehl, $39.12; Pharmchem, $325.00; Postmaster, $98.00; Quality Inn, $70.00; Quill, $73.36; Redwood Toxicology, $205.63; Roughrider Electric, $1518.28; S & M Lawn Service, $290.00; Scheels, $319.99; Duane Scheurer, $266.00; SBM, $221.81; SW Water, $46.62; Ryan Thernes, $30.00; Vaxserve, $367.08; Ward County Sheriff, $200.00; WRT, $3330.99, WRT, $440.00; Wex Bank, $2576.23. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Entze moved to approve the Treasurer’s bills. Murray seconded. The following vouchers were approved for payment: NDACO, $35.00; SBM, $26.12; WRT, $87.47. Gunsch, Murray, Entze, and Scheurer voted aye. Motion carried.

Jim Albers, Maintenance Engineer, discussed with the board a mini-split unit for the electrical room. Albers stated it is generating too much heat and is going to cause the equipment to burn up. Jim Theurer, Contegrity Group, stated he received two (2) estimates, one from Legend Air in the amount of $8,400 and one from Cofell’s Plumbing in the amount of $11,000. Gunsch moved to approve the $8,400 estimate from Legend Air from the contingency fund to install the split air system. Entze seconded. Gunsch, Entze, Murray, Scheurer voted aye. Berger No. Motion carried.

Mary Boyd, Pick City Park Project, met with the board to further discuss Mercer County’s contribution to the park project. Boyd asked the board to consider budgeting additional monies to help them reach their goal. Entze stated the board should set an amount to each request so the funds can be spread throughout the county. Berger stated it should be first come, first serve. Scheurer suggested to Boyd to come back next year. State’s Attorney Binder stated there is no way to know if any revenue will be brought into the in-lieu of fund since it comes from subdivision lots that are sold throughout the county.

Auditor Brost discussed the budget with the board. She stated the county is looking at 2.49% zero percent mill increase. Scheurer stated generally speaking these isn’t much to cut, so the increase was necessary to balance the budget. Gunsch moved to set the mill levy hearing for October 3rd at 6 PM and the final budget hearing on October 4th at 11 AM. Murray seconded. Gunsch, Murray, Entze, Scheurer voted aye. Berger No. Motion carried.

The board reviewed the NDSU Extension Highlights. No further action was taken.

The board reviewed the Monthly Financial Statement. No further action was taken.

The board reviewed the monthly Landfill Tonnage Report. No further action was taken.

Gunsch, Entze, and Scheurer gave their portfolio updates. Murray and Berger had nothing to report.

The board recessed at 9:55 AM.

The board reconvened at 10:00 AM.

Ken Miller, Road Superintendent, discussed road issues with the board. Murray moved to approve the Federal Aid Projects for 2018-2022. Gunsch seconded. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Miller discussed the building in Stanton, county owned, that needed to be demolished. Miller presented an estimate from Sletten Excavating not too exceed $13,500. Entze stated he believed at one time the asbestos was removed from the building and directed the Auditor to check past minutes. Entze moved to approve the estimate from Sletten Excavating not to exceed $13,500. Murray seconded. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Eric Urness, Interstate Engineering, updated the board on several road projects. Urness stated the chip seals on County 21 and County 27 were wrapping up this week, along with the County 13 overlay. Urness reported County 12 reroute project is under construction and they added striping to County 21 and County 26.

Brad Gunsch addressed the board about gating a section line. Gunsch stated he would like to put up a gate this year and then put in a cattle guard next year. Gunsch added one-half ( ½ ) mile would be gated. Gunsch stated he could put in a cattle guard, but since it would need a gate too there isn’t much room on the north side for both. Berger moved under the circumstances of drought and high fire index to allow Brad Gunsch to gate the section line between sections 34 & 35 T145N R87W until January 2018. Murray seconded. Berger, Murray, Entze, Scheurer voted aye. Gunsch abstained. Motion carried.

State’s Attorney Binder gave the board an update on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mahto Bay. Binder stated the Tribe proposed for the county to make an in lieu of payment to them instead of swapping roads. Gunsch stated he is concerned the payment could be an open ended situation and would prefer to swap roads. Murray agreed. Entze questioned how the board would determine the payment. Gunsch stated swapping roads would be more cut and dried. State’s Attorney Binder suggested adding a provision in the MOU to allow parties to explore an in lieu of payment in the future if so agreed to by county and the Tribe’s legal counsel. Gunsch moved to adopt the MOU with the additional provision as stated by State’s Attorney Binder. Entze seconded. All voted aye. Motion carried. State’s Attorney Binder recommended Road Superintendent Miller talk with the Tribal Road Department to see what they need for gravel on BIA 20 public access road.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 10:56 AM. The next regular meeting is scheduled for October 4, 2017, at 9:00 AM in the courtroom of the Mercer County Courthouse, Stanton, North Dakota.


Approved: Duane Scheurer, Chairman

Attest: Shana L. Brost, Auditor