Energy Facilities

Antelope Valley Station: seven miles northwest of Beulah, ND. Lignite-fired electric generating station. Operated by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismarck, ND. Two unites, each rated at 450,000 KW. Unit 1 operation 1984; Unit 2 operational 1986. Tours by appointment Mon.-Fri. Groups of five or less can contact plant directly, (701) 873-4545; larger groups contact Basin Electric at (701)-223-0441.
Great Plains Synfuels Plant: Five miles northwest of Beulah, ND. Only commercial-size coal gasification plant in the U.S. Operated by Dakota Gasification Company (subsidiary of Basin Electric Power Cooperative). Produces 160 million cubic feet of natural gas per day, plus byproducts such as phenol, anhydrous ammonia, cresylic acid, nitrogen and krypton/xenon. Operation in 1984. Tours available by appointment, Mon.-Fri. Call (701) 873-6667 or (701) 223-0441.
Coyote Station: two miles south of Beulah, ND. Lignite-fired electric generating station. Operated by Montana-Dakota Utilities Company, Bismarck, ND (jointly owned by: Montana-Dakota Utilities; Northern Municipal Power Agency, Thief River Falls MN; Northwestern Public Service Company, Huron SD; Otter Tail Power Company, Fergus Falls, MN). One unit rated at 414,000 KS, operation in 1981.
Stanton Station: one mile south, 2.5 miles east of Stanton, ND, and is owned and operated by Great River Energy, Maple Grove, MN. Stanton Station has one turbine generator rated at 188 megawatts.  Operations began in 1966 with one boiler and a second supplemental boiler was added in 1982.  Stanton Station uses approximately 850,000 tons of coal each year to generate electricity. Tours available by appointment. Call the plant at (701) 745-3387.
Leland Olds Station: one mile south, 3.5 miles east of Stanton, ND. Lignite-fired electric generating station. Owned and operated by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismarck, ND. Unit 1operational in 1966, rated at 210,000KW; Unit 2 operational in 1975, rated at 440,000 KW. Tours available by appointment. Groups of five or less can contact plant directly, (701) 745-3371. Larger groups should contact Basin Electric at (701) 223-0441.
Garrison Dam: Riverdale, ND: Hydro electric generating facility. Capacity of 500,000 KW. Operated by the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers. Tour available between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Monday-Sunday. Tours given on the hour from noon to 4:00. Tours year round for groups of 10 or more require appointments by calling (701) 654-7441 Mon.-Fri. from 7:30-4:00.

Coal Mines
Freedom Mine: Operated by Coteau Properties Company (subsidiary of North American Coal Corporation, Dallas, TX), Beulah, ND. supplies lignite to the Antelope Valley Station; Great Plains Synfuels Plant; Stanton Station and Leland Olds Station. One of 10 largest coal mines in U.S., operating two 120 cubic yard draglines and a fleet of 200-ton overburden trucks. Tours available Mon.-Fri. by appointment (24 hour notice required). Call Coteau at (701)873-2281.
Knife River Mine: scenic overlook located three miles south of Beulah, ND. The Knife River Coal company owned and operated by Westmoreland Coal Company of Colorado Springs supplies lignite to the Coyote Station and Heskett Station. Domestic lignite also available. Tours available by appointment. Call Knife River in Beulah at (701) 873-4333.


The Energy Trail