Mercer County Search & Rescue (SAR)

SAR resources include: tracking teams, ground searchers, divers, search dogs, aircraft, boats, snowmobiles, and base support equipment. Any and all of these SAR resources and assets may be employed to help locate a missing person.


Search and Rescue is a combination of art and science. It requires many hours of preparation and training. It sometimes requires specialized equipment. Each member of the search team has a responsibility to keep prepared for missions by completing a prescribed training program and maintaining certifications in essential skills.

When a trained search team is given an area to search, it will do so in a planned, methodical fashion. If the lost person is not located during the initial search, another team, technique, or resource will be used to increase the "probability of success." Confinement will be used to limit or monitor the search subject's movement until the search is over.


Search Team members may have one or more certifications as Emergency Medical Technicians, First Responders and CPR.

Despite demanding jobs, these team members form a cohesive unit, and its specialized resources stand ready 24 hours a day for whenever an emergency may arise.