Mercer County Electronic Home Monitoring

Mercer County's Electronic Home Monitoring program is a community-based alternative sanction used by the courts in lieu of incarceration for low-risk offenders.


Electronic home detention or global positioning system monitoring may be used for adult offenders as selected by the court, the administrator, the parole board, or the department for adult offenders as an intermediate measure of supervised probation.


Electronic home detention and global positioning system monitoring may be used for the following:

a. Pretrial or preadjudicatory detention.

b. Probation.

c. Community corrections approved by the court.

d. Parole.

e. Work release under chapter 12-44.1 or approved by the parole board.

f. Institutional release approved by the court or the parole board.

g. Sex offender containment.


All costs for this program is paid up front at the time of install. Fees include: $50.00 installation fee, $1.00 PBT Test, $15.00 UA Fee, $13.00 fee per day for the entire length of the monitoring period.


If you have any questions please contact Mercer County Sheriff's Office (701)-745-3333.