Upcoming County Commissioner's Meeting Agenda






Will be holding the Regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The meeting will be held in the Courtroom of the Mercer County Courthouse, Stanton, ND.



9:00     A.M.                Call to Order


                                    Approve Minutes of February 18, 2015

                                    Approve Bills     


9:10     A.M.                1st Reading of Policy 303 Vacation Benefits   


9:15     A.M.                Dena Kemmet—NDSU Extension Annual Update


9:30     A.M.                #15-02-01 Jayden & Kayla Vettel—Cond Use Non Farm Residence SW ¼ 14-145-89

                                    #15-02-02 Joseph & Lynne Cuccia—Cond Use Non Farm SW ¼ SE ¼ SE ¼ 29-145-85

                                    #15-02-03 Vernon Boeshans—Rezone R-5 to R-2 Lot 11-B SE ¼ 4-146-87

                                    Temporary Use Permit


10:00   A.M.                Annual Bid Letting

                                    2015 Load Restrictions

                                    Utility Permit # 1538—Roughrider Electric

                                    MC 800 Purchase Agreement


10:45   A.M.                Jim Melchior—County 25 Agreement Discussion


11:00   A.M.                Cropland Bid Letting


11:30   A.M.                Steve Knutson—Highway Department Billing Issue


11:45   A.M.                Ken Richau—Road Comments




Liquor License #376 & 377—Hook Line and Sinker

Raffle Permit #2015-01—AVS Chrome Domes

Raffle Permit #2015-02—Gone in 60 Seconds













February 27, 2015

Shana L. Brost










Meeting Schedule
The commission meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 AM CT.  Special meetings are scheduled as needed.
If you wish to appear before the Commissioners please contact the Auditor's Office at 745-3292 by noon of the Friday preceding the meeting.